Kyle Gough guides entrepreneurs and small business owners through tough legal questions at any stage. Kyle also drafts, interprets, customizes, and review contracts. He works with individuals to create custom estate plans. Reach out to Kyle with questions about additional services.

Business and Corporate Law

From single-member LLCs to multi-million dollar corporations, Kyle Gough has the business and legal experience you need to help you stay ahead of the competition.

Let’s face it, running a business is a complicated endeavor, and it’s only getting more complicated by the day. Every company has legal needs, starting with entity creation and ranging from employee handbooks to policy compliance to business agreements to succession. Kyle Gough is passionate about business and corporate law, and is devoted helping you grow your business by using his knowledge, skills, and legal experience to address current and anticipate future legal needs.

That includes buyer and seller side business acquisitions. One word in such a contract can make or break an entire deal, so it’s best to hire an attorney to help negotiate, draft, and review every document, down to the letter. Kyle also has private equity experience, and he is ready to use that experience to help you.

Startups and Entity Creation

Thanks to public and private efforts, Fort Wayne is a great place to start a business. Founding a business is an exciting, busy time, and without a lawyer, some crucial details can be missed. Kyle Gough is an award winning entrepreneur and small business owner, and hiring him to guide you through the startup process gives you a competitive advantage.

Starting a business begins with selecting legal entity and tax designations. Kyle will collaborate with you to make sure your selections best set your company up for success.

The legal needs of small and growing companies don’t stop after entity creation, and in-house counsel is not an option. By starting or continuing your professional business relationship with Kyle Gough Law, your business will receive big town legal support for small town prices, leaving you extra capital to help your business grow.

Founder’s Counsel

Founder’s Counsel is a subscription based legal service designed for entrepreneurs, startups, young companies, and small businesses. For just $199 to start, then $99/month, you can add legal counsel to your team.

Northeast Indiana’s entrepreneurial community is bustling with activity. Founder’s Counsel provides members with professional legal guidance. Subscribers collaborate with Kyle Gough Law to create and launch a plan that both limits liability and primes the company for future success. Along the way, Subscribers gain access to a growing library of legal content, get unlimited consultations, and can request up to two contract reviews per month.

Take the legal guesswork out of starting a business by joining Founder’s Counsel, exclusively offered by Kyle Gough Law.

Estate Planning

Every estate plan is different, so when it comes to ensuring your wishes come to fruition, the best practice is to work with an attorney who understands what you want and can craft a custom solution.

When it comes to Estate Planning, Kyle Gough Law considers the big picture. Kyle’s plans are designed to deal with every asset regardless of whether it passes through probate, bringing you the peace of mind you deserve.

Kyle also understands that proper estate plans should implement short term and long term solutions. He crafts his plans to be flexible so that fewer changes are needed as time goes on, which keeps your legal costs down. Your estate plan will consist of some or all of the documents listed below:

  • Last Will and Testament
  • Trusts
  • Power of Attorney
  • Health Care Representative
  • Living Will

Real Estate Transactions

Northeast Indiana features one of the hottest real estate markets in the Country. Kyle Gough Law is prepared to help you navigate that market.

A deed is not a deed is not a deed. Transferring property, like everything else these days, is a lot of work. Just look at how much effort it takes to close on a house. Your new rental may be a DIY, but the legal work is not. One word can make or break a deal, so make sure to use an attorney for any transfer of real estate, big or small.

Kyle Gough Law will work with you to ensure that your deeds, land contracts, purchase agreements, and sales disclosures are comprehensive, legally executed, and properly recorded. Kyle can also review potential real estate contracts and help you draft or respond to offers.

Elder Law

Elder law is often a very important element of estate planning and consists of preparing for the potential need for long term care.

Many people believe that long term care facilities or the government will get everything, but with careful preparation, some assets can be preserved for future generations.

Many lawyers automatically assume that their clients want to pass down as much as possible. Kyle Gough is not one of those lawyers. Kyle will listen to the client’s needs and design a plan based on those needs.

With that being said, the earlier you start planning, the more assets you can potentially protect and pass down to future generations. But acting under that premise without an attorney could cause many legal issues. If you are considering the ramifications of potential long term care, book a consultation with Kyle Gough Law today.